Hello! I'm Annissa. ;w; You may call me Nissa, if you'd like. c: I'm a nerd for psychology stuff and strive to become a counselor in the future. I really love to draw and I do post my art here from time to time. c: I also roleplay. ;v; You may or may not know me from my roleplay blogs, but still... Welcome! ;w;
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whoa did kouhai notice me

Persona protagonists


my dearest


"did you have fun?"
"do you like them?"
"yeah. i really do."

what if they met as the great seals and minato let hamuko try living his past life once

He’s gotten so tall!”
"… I’m still taller."

happy birthday 06.24.2014

Persona 3: Primary Colors


You should have enjoyed your youth too, you fool! -x